Newcastle Tree Removal Service in Newcastle OK

If need one or more trees removed, don’t trust the job to just anyone. Call Foley Tree Service. We provide skilled, affordable Newcastle tree removal services for homeowners as well as commercial property owners.

Whether you have a tree that’s been knocked over in a storm, one that’s decaying or dead, or one that’s impeding further development on your property, you need a dependable Newcastle tree removal contractor to remove it safely and completely, with no damage to your land or property. You can trust your tree removal contractor in Newcastle OK to us.

Tree Stump Removal and Grinding

Once we’ve cut down and removed a tree, our Newcastle tree removal pros then dispose of the stump. This can be done by either removal or grinding. If you decide to have it removed, we cut out the roots and dig out the stump.

If a tree is very old and/or large, it may be impossible to take out all of the roots. In those cases, we can grind and shred the stump. We then cover it with fertilizer and soil. We advise clients of the best choice for their particular tree(s) after their tree removal in Newcastle OK.


Tree Planting and Other Services

If you’d like to plant one or more new trees, our Newcastle tree trimming specialists can do that, too. We’ll help you select the best type of healthy, new trees for your property.

We also provide a full range of tree care services to keep your trees in top shape. These include tree trimming and pruning as well as brush removal.

Why Choose Foley Tree Service?

We know we’re not the only business that does tree trimming in Newcastle OK. However, when you choose Foley Tree Service, you get:

  • A local, family-owned company doing business since 2003
  • Affordable prices
  • Certified arborists
  • Complete cleanup after every job
  • A commitment to safety
  • Friendly, professional service


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